President Obama’s Executive Orders: Closing Thoughts


Starting with George Washington, all presidents have issued executive orders (EO), memoranda, and signing statements. These only become problematic when the president by-passes Congress on a substantive issue or when he acts in a manner that threatens the basic freedoms of American citizens. 


Executive orders can be changed.  We the people have the power to exert pressure on the three branches of government and to agitate until we get relief. 


Knowledge and sustained public pressure are the best weapons against presidential power grabs.  The president can retract or amend egregious executive orders.  


Congress can change the situation.  Congress has 30-days to act before an executive order becomes law.   After an EO has become law, Congress can pass a new law that reverses the previous one.


The Supreme Court can declare the law unconstitutional and order it vacated.  


Electing a new president can change the situation.  A new president can reverse the actions of the previous president.


We are not helpless. We the people have the power to change this great nation. We can start by changing its leader.


Get out and vote, write letters to the editor, blog, and organize your friends and neighbors.  


Help inform them about what is taking place in America.